With its timely, provocative premise, fabulous characters, and a
wonderfully wry, sly narrative, THE MARRYING KIND is bound to launch
debut novelist Ken O’Neill on a stellar career path!
— Wendy Markham – New York Times bestselling author

“THE MARRYING KIND is that rare novel that both prods and applauds our most valuable resource: love. Ken O’Neill makes you laugh, think, and get mad as hell—all within just a few pages. If you believe in hard-won, human romance, this is the book that levels the playing field.”
–Doug Crandell, author of  The Flawless Skin of Ugly People and The Peculiar Boars of Malloy

Pleasurable, sophisticated, moving and thought-provoking…and on top of all that I laughed out loud throughout.
–Michael Tonello author of  Bringing Home the Birkin

“A boisterously funny novel that’s topical and political without ever being preachy, THE MARRYING KIND skewers both overt hypocrisy and ‘benign neglect’ with razor-sharp humor.”
–Rob Byrnes LAMBDA Award winning author of  When the Stars Come Out

“This is Ken O’Neill’s first novel and if this is a sign of what is to come then we have a new literary hero to welcome to the canon of LGBT literature. The novel so rises above the level of fluff that it leaves a trail behind it and I think that O’Neill must enter this for a 2012 Lambda Award.”  –Amos Lassen, reviewsbyamoslassen.com
“What an amazing and endearing book! Heartfelt and sincere.”  –Romancing the book

Ken O’Neill was born in Bridgeport Connecticut to an Irish Catholic father and Romanian Orthodox mother, which means that most years he had the good fortune to receive Easter candy not just once but twice.

In “The Marrying Kind,” his debut novel, Ken set himself the daunting task of writing something really funny about a same-sex couple’s inability to get married, a situation he finds decidedly unfunny. He hopes he’s accomplished that goal. But of course will let you be the judge.

Ken lives in NYC with his partner and their two cats. When he’s not checking his Amazon rating to see if anyone has purchased his book, he enjoys reading, dancing (though usually only when no one is watching) and eating dark chocolate, purely for medicinal reasons.

Upcoming events:

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Rainy Faye Bookstore June 21, 2012

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Ready to Join Adam and Steven’s Movement?

It’s simple: No Presence and No Presents

Step 1 – No presence: decline all wedding invitations.

Explain to your friends and loved ones that for same‐sex partners, equal marriage is a club from which they are legally excluded. It’s very much like the laws that UNTIL the 1950s prevented whites and persons of color from marrying. The premise of America’s constitution is that “all men are created equal.” This does not, for example, mean that heterosexual couples should be allowed special marital rights from which same‐sex couples are legally excluded.

Explain to them that while a few states permit same‐sex marriage ceremonies, these have minor legal import.

The most significant protections of marriage‐‐ including Social Security coverage, estate inheritance, eligibility for pre‐tax medical insurance, immigration rights and other matters‐‐ by Federal law remain prohibited for same‐sex partners EVEN IN THE FEW STATES THAT OFFER SAME SEX MARRIAGE. Many people do not realize this.

In addition to explaining the range and power of marital financial protections which are denied same‐sex partners, talk to them about how it feels to you personally to be excluded from truly being able to say, “I am married to my partner, and my rights are the same as those of a married American man and a

The boycott parallels how in 1940 being a person of color in love with a white person, and being invited to attend a white‐white marriage ceremony, one might refuse to go.

Step 2 – No presents: Stop buying wedding gifts.

Not contributing to the approximately $120 Billion annual marriage economy is a simple and powerful way to make a difference.

Some $20 Billion is spent buying gifts annually at wedding registries. Every purchase you decline to make from the registry is a protest against the current American definition of marriage.

Weddings, honeymoons and romantic tourism are big business.

Tiffany & Co., Williams‐Sonoma and others whose welfare depends on these events might become more active in advocating for equality under the law.

It is, of course, perverse that a discriminated‐against, financially disadvantaged minority should offer gifts in honor of the institution which excludes them, and thereby disadvantages them financially and socially.

Step 3 ‐ Invite others to join the movement.

It was a partnership of people of color and whites who abolished discriminatory laws prohibiting interracial marriage.

Similarly, gays and straights together must unite to abolish discrimination against same‐sex marriage.

Please join the movement on Facebook:


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