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Reading and Mapping Fiction

by Sally Bushell
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Release Date: 2020-06-30
Genre: Literary Criticism
Pages: 300 pages
ISBN 13: 1108487459
ISBN 10: 9781108487450
Format: PDF, ePUB, MOBI, Audiobooks, Kindle


Synopsis : Reading and Mapping Fiction written by Sally Bushell, published by Cambridge University Press which was released on 2020-06-30. Download Reading and Mapping Fiction Books now! Available in PDF, EPUB, Mobi Format. How essential a part of the experience of a literary work is the way in which we spatialise, and visualise (externally or internally) the place and space of the fictional world? Reading and Mapping Fiction provides an integrated account ... -- This book explores the power of the map in fiction and its centrality to meaning, from Treasure Island to Winnie-the-Pooh.

Reading and Mapping Fiction
Language: en
Pages: 300
Authors: Sally Bushell
Categories: Literary Criticism
Type: BOOK - Published: 2020-06-30 - Publisher: Cambridge University Press

This book explores the power of the map in fiction and its centrality to meaning, from Treasure Island to Winnie-the-Pooh.
Deep Mapping the Literary Lake District
Language: en
Authors: Joanna E. Taylor and Ian N. Gregory
Categories: Literary Criticism
Type: BOOK - Published: - Publisher: Rutgers University Press

Books about Deep Mapping the Literary Lake District
Romantic Cartographies
Language: en
Pages: 320
Authors: Sally Bushell, Julia S. Carlson, Damian Walford Davies
Categories: Art
Type: BOOK - Published: 2020-12-10 - Publisher: Cambridge University Press

An innovative, interdisciplinary study of cartography as a significant multifaceted cultural practice in Romantic period culture.
Lyric Generations
Language: en
Pages: 312
Authors: G. Gabrielle Starr
Categories: Literary Criticism
Type: BOOK - Published: 2015-11-01 - Publisher: JHU Press

In a world increasingly defined by prose, poets adapted the new forms, characters, and moral themes of the novel in order to reinvigorate poetic practice.
The Cambridge Companion to ‘Lyrical Ballads'
Language: en
Pages: 302
Authors: Sally Bushell
Categories: Juvenile Nonfiction
Type: BOOK - Published: 2020-01-09 - Publisher: Cambridge University Press

This accessible collection of essays provides an essential introduction to the volume of poetry that defined British Romanticism.
Reading and Mapping Hardy's Roads
Language: en
Pages: 144
Authors: Scott Rode
Categories: Literary Criticism
Type: BOOK - Published: 2006-06-23 - Publisher: Routledge

This book examines Thomas Hardy's representations of the road and the ways the archaeological and historical record of roads inform his work. Through an analysis of the uneven and often competing road signs found within three of his major novels - The Return of the Native, Tess of the D'Urbervilles, and Jude the Obscure - and by mapping the road travels of his protagonists, this book argues that the road as represented by Hardy provides a palimpsest that critiques the Victorian construction of social and sexual identities. Balancing modern exigencies with mythic possibilities, Hardy's fictive roads exist as contested spaces that channel desire for middle-class assimilation even as they provide the means both to reinforce and to resist conformity to hegemonic authority.
ACT Advanced Practice
Language: en
Pages: 444
Authors: Kaplan Test Prep
Categories: Study Aids
Type: BOOK - Published: 2017-09-05 - Publisher: Simon and Schuster

If you're looking to get a top score on the ACT, Kaplan's ACT Advanced Practice workbook has the high-difficulty practice and expert strategies you need to face the toughest questions with confidence. Nine practice sets with advanced, high-difficulty questions to help you score the most points. More than 600 questions with detailed answers and explanations.
Brian Aldiss
Language: en
Pages: 115
Authors: Michael R. Collings
Categories: Science fiction, English
Type: BOOK - Published: 1986 - Publisher: Wildside Press LLC

A guide to Aldiss's fictional output from the 50's to the 80's.
Popular Fiction and Spatiality
Language: en
Pages: 220
Authors: Lisa Fletcher
Categories: Literary Criticism
Type: BOOK - Published: 2016-10-31 - Publisher: Springer

This volume moves the debate about literature and geography in a new direction by showing the significance of spatial settings in the enormous and complex field of popular fiction. Approaching popular genres as complicated systems of meaning, the collected essays model key theoretical and critical approaches for interrogating the meaning of space and place across diverse genres, including crime, thrillers, fantasy, science fiction, and romance. Including topics such as classic English ghost stories, blockbuster Antarctic thrillers, prize-winning Montreal crime fiction, J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth, and China Miéville’s Bas-Lag, among others, this book brings together analyses of the real-and-imagined settings of some of the most widely read authors and texts of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries to show how they have an immeasurable impact on our spatial awareness and imagination.
Readers, Reading and Reception of Translated Fiction in Chinese
Language: en
Pages: 248
Authors: Leo Tak-hung Chan
Categories: Language Arts & Disciplines
Type: BOOK - Published: 2014-04-08 - Publisher: Routledge

Translated fiction has largely been under-theorized, if not altogether ignored, in literary studies. Though widely consumed, translated novels are still considered secondary versions of foreign masterpieces. Readers, Reading and Reception of Translated Fiction in Chinese recognizes that translated novels are distinct from non-translated novels, just as they are distinct from the originals from which they are derived, but they are neither secondary nor inferior. They provide different models of reality; they are split apart by two languages, two cultures and two literary systems; and they are characterized by cultural hybridity, double voicing and multiple intertextualities. With the continued popularity of translated fiction, questions related to its reading and reception take on increasing significance. Chan draws on insights from textual and narratological studies to unravel the processes through which readers interact with translated fiction. Moving from individual readings to collective reception, he considers how lay Chinese readers, as a community, 'received' translated British fiction at specific historical moments during the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. Case studies discussed include translations of stream-of-consciousness novels, fantasy fiction and postmodern works. In addition to lay readers, two further kinds of reader with bilingual facility are examined: the way critics and historians approach translated fiction is investigated from structuralist and poststrcuturalist perspectives. A range of novels by well-known British authors constitute the core of the study, including novels by Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, D.H. Lawrence, Virginia Woolf, John Fowles, Helen Fielding and J.K. Rowling.
Maps and Mapping in Children's Literature
Language: en
Pages: 267
Authors: Nina Goga, Bettina Kümmerling-Meibauer
Categories: Literary Criticism
Type: BOOK - Published: 2017-08-15 - Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Company

Maps and Mapping in Children’s Literature is the first comprehensive study that investigates the representation of maps in children’s books as well as the impact of mapping on the depiction of landscapes, seascapes, and cityscapes in children’s literature. The chapters in this volume pursue a comparative approach as they represent a wide spectrum of diverse genres and national children’s literatures by examining a wealth of children’s books from Canada, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Norway, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the USA. The theoretical and methodological approaches range from literary studies, developmental psychology, maps and geography literacy, ecocriticism, historical contextualization with both new historicist and political-historical leanings, and intermediality to materialist cartographies, cultural studies, island studies, and genre studies. By this, this volume aims at embedding children’s literature in a broader field of literary and cultural studies, thus situating children’s literature research within a general context of literary theory.
Literary Mapping in the Digital Age
Language: en
Pages: 308
Authors: David Cooper, Christopher Donaldson, Patricia Murrieta-Flores
Categories: Language Arts & Disciplines
Type: BOOK - Published: 2016-05-20 - Publisher: Routledge

Drawing on the expertise of leading researchers from around the globe, this pioneering collection of essays explores how geospatial technologies are revolutionizing the discipline of literary studies. The book offers the first intensive examination of digital literary cartography, a field whose recent and rapid development has yet to be coherently analysed. This collection not only provides an authoritative account of the current state of the field, but also informs a new generation of digital humanities scholars about the critical and creative potentials of digital literary mapping. The book showcases the work of exemplary literary mapping projects and provides the reader with an overview of the tools, techniques and methods those projects employ.