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The Eyes of Hierarchy

by Torkom Saraydarian
Publisher: Tsg Foundation
Release Date: 1998-01-01
Genre: Philosophy
Pages: 194 pages
ISBN 13: 9780965620338
ISBN 10: 0965620336
Format: PDF, ePUB, MOBI, Audiobooks, Kindle


Synopsis : The Eyes of Hierarchy written by Torkom Saraydarian, published by Tsg Foundation which was released on 1998-01-01. Download The Eyes of Hierarchy Books now! Available in PDF, EPUB, Mobi Format. --

The Eyes of Hierarchy
Language: en
Pages: 194
Authors: Torkom Saraydarian
Categories: Philosophy
Type: BOOK - Published: 1998-01-01 - Publisher: Tsg Foundation

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Counter-revolution has long been a tool of propagandists to redirect populist movements from achieving actual liberation for themselves. But what happens when counter-revolutionaries begin to believe their own claims of genuine revolution? What leads to such a phenomenon? And how big a role does mainstream political ideology and policy play in the mass ignorance and revisionism that has now allowed nationalism to influence national elections? Privileged Populists sets out to answer these questions while aiming to understand the organic emergence of anti-political populism within the context of late-stage capitalism in the West. This book analyses how these elements inform and validate each other as means of appealing to the growing sense of cultural angst and economic unrest within the conservative working class-and unwittingly giving undue credence to some of the most extreme right-wing ideological claims in the process. What results is a journey through the history of revolutionary thought (and how that history has been distorted over time), as well as an anthropological investigation of populism itself as a naturally occurring logic within groups-and how it can be exploited in the absence of substantive mainstream solutions to present-day economic crises.
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Seniority-based hierarchy (jouge kankei) is omnipresent in Japanese group dynamics. How one comports, depends on one’s status and position vis-à-vis others. To-date, no study shows what constitutes this hierarchy, where and when individuals growing up in Japan first come into contact with it, as well as how they learn to function in it. This book fills in the lacunae. Considering jouge kankei as a social institution and adopting a discourse analytic approach, this volume examines the ways in which institutional jouge kankei as an enduring feature of Japanese social life are created and reproduced. The monograph analyses how seniority-based relations are enacted, legitimised, transmitted, and reified by social actors through language use and paralinguistic discursive practices, such as the use of space, objects, signs, and symbols. It also looks at how established rules could be challenged. The empirical data on which findings are based are gathered through 10 months of ethnographic fieldwork from 2015 to 2018 in Japanese schools, with certain types of data (school club etiquette books and uniforms) being presented and analysed for the first time. This volume also shows continuity and change of jouge kankei from school to work.
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This book examines the post-secular idea of ‘religion for non-believers’. The new form of unbelief which is dubbed as ‘tourist atheism’ is not based on absolute rejection of religion as a ‘dangerous illusion’ or ‘mere prejudice’. Tourist atheists instead consider religion as a cultural heritage and a way of seeking perfection. What are the origins of these new forms of atheism? What are the implications of the emergence of a type of atheism which is more open toward religious teachings, rituals, arts, and world views? Hashemi argues that public intellectuals must consider that it is a sign of a post-secular age in which believers and non-believers go beyond mere tolerance and engage in a creative process of co-practice and co-working.
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For centuries it has been assumed that democracy must refer to the empowerment of the People's voice. In this pioneering book, Jeffrey Edward Green makes the case for considering the People as an ocular entity rather than a vocal one. Green argues that it is both possible and desirable to understand democracy in terms of what the People gets to see instead of the traditional focus on what it gets to say. The Eyes of the People examines democracy from the perspective of everyday citizens in their everyday lives. While it is customary to understand the citizen as a decision-maker, in fact most citizens rarely engage in decision-making and do not even have clear views on most political issues. The ordinary citizen is not a decision-maker but a spectator who watches and listens to the select few empowered to decide. Grounded on this everyday phenomenon of spectatorship, The Eyes of the People constructs a democratic theory applicable to the way democracy is actually experienced by most people most of the time. In approaching democracy from the perspective of the People's eyes, Green rediscovers and rehabilitates a forgotten "plebiscitarian" alternative within the history of democratic thought. Building off the contributions of a wide range of thinkers-including Aristotle, Shakespeare, Benjamin Constant, Max Weber, Joseph Schumpeter, and many others-Green outlines a novel democratic paradigm centered on empowering the People's gaze through forcing politicians to appear in public under conditions they do not fully control. The Eyes of the People is at once a sweeping overview of the state of democratic theory and a call to rethink the meaning of democracy within the sociological and technological conditions of the twenty-first century.
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Peer through the eyes of students. See school their way. When we act on what students show us, valued outcomes follow. Students know what engages and bores them and can offer dynamic insight into how to pique their best. When we know how to listen, we can increase interest, motivation, and achievement. This book shows readers how to tap into this student insight and adjust thinking to see learning through their eyes. Experience new levels of engagement and growth as you learn to: Build a culture of support, safety, and membership through academic excellence Nurture the growth of engaged teaching
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Not just another commentary on Romans, Redemption through the Eyes of the Condemned makes Paul’s letter come alive with a fresh perspective, from a context reminiscent of Paul’s—that of a convicted felon in prison. The combination of a seminary degree, fourteen years in a state penitentiary, and eight years of teaching Romans affords John Montana the ability to see parallels to prison life that can help all readers grasp Paul’s most theologically dense letter. Not only are terms such as condemnation, justification, redemption, law, patience, and hope all too familiar to the prisoner, concepts such as the old and new realm, the already/not yet tension, and corporate identity dominate in the prison experience. Montana’s surprisingly accurate illustrations connect these terms and concepts to prison life and help clarify not only the more difficult passages in Romans but will stir readers to a reinvigorated viewpoint that will help enrich their devotion to the Lord.
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